"Handcrafted In-House, from Idea, to Composition, to Bottling"

YeYe Parfums is an independent, artisanal perfume house, specializing in creating fragrances that are distinct, blending European and American traditions, using only the finest raw materials from around the world.

The brand was founded in 2007, initially focusing on Home Fragrances: Diffusers and Candles and has a growing list of loyal and discerning patrons. Our first personal fragrances are, EQUUS No 8, SENTIERS De COMÈTES and Y.O.R.K. No 7.

Ernesto Sanchez Bujanda, our In-House Perfumer & Co-Founder, was educated as an Industrial Engineer. While living in NYC, he acquired years of experience in the high-end, beauty and fragrance industries. In creating YeYe Parfums, disciplined by engineering, philosophy, prose and inspired by the histories of long established brands, some dating back several hundred years, he set out to put our own personal mark on the fragrance industry.

Ryan York, DOO & Co-Founder, spent 8 years of management with Manhattan’s premier haberdasher and an additional 8 years as Director of Stores for the country's Original Apothecary (dating back to 1752), overseeing the opening of 20+ stores in the US and Canada & creating a “pop up” store within Harrods of London, long before they were called, “pop ups," plus an additional twenty years of executive management and interior design, in acclaimed hospitality and retail venues, in Miami and South Miami Beach. Last generation to be drafted into Military Service: 1967-1971- no combat action.

* All Images on our Home Page "Sliders," + Personal and Home Fragrance Images and 9 videos, conceptualized by, Konstantin Subbotin: www.YouTube.com/Channel/UC3Au8yqh2lVGpwlbN2C1zIA/videos
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